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The Only Good Suit is a Wetsuit

Put a wetsuit on, grow your hair out long – you know this makes sense. Just a few days in one of these miracles of modern technology and you will be riding waves like the pro surfer you were always meant to be. Well, whatever the outcome of this lifestyle shift, you could always just put this print on the wall to remind yourself that one day, this will happen.

Our fabulous Wet Suit print is a homage to our inner surf dude and in a striking grey with a white frame, it makes a not to be missed statement of intent.

Ready to hang in an arctic white mount and a smooth white, box style wooden frame. For further details on our frames please have a look at our frames page: http://www.seakisses.co.uk/the-seakisses-framed-prints/ Size: Print 300mm x 400mm (406mm x 508mm including the frame)

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