Everything we make is inspired by the natural beauty of the coast. We spend a lot of time enjoying our local coastline and are all too well aware of the tide of plastic waste that's threatening our coastlines.

It’s important to us that we don’t become part of the problem, so we constantly look for ways to to reduce plastic. We use as many natural products in our manufacturing as we can, and are really proud to say that 100% of the packaging we use is already recyclable.

If you’re interested in learning about how we fulfil our pledge to the ocean and other parts of our community please keep reading.

Starfish on the beach

We wrap and pack parcels using a natural, recyclable paper with no harmful dyes that could leech into the environment.

It’s the perfect way to keep items safe during transit and has the added bonus of looking smart so you can rest assured that your orders will arrive both well protected and presentable.

We also reuse paper that a local campsite have their fresh laundry wrapped in, as an additional way of protecting your parcels. This paper would otherwise be thrown away, so this is an inspired piece of recycling.

Shoal of Fish Mug Seakisses

The packaging we use for our more fragile products is as eco-friendly as it can be. We are experimenting with a honeycomb paper wrap and when we have to use bubble wrap we use one that is 100% recyclable AND made from 33% consumer waste plastic.

We also keep all the bubble wrap from deliveries and put it to good use in protecting future orders that we’ll send out.

Recyclable Packaging

Though not the prettiest to look at, our mailing bags boast a good environmental record. Made from 100% post consumer waste and completely recyclable, these bags are a great alternative to single use plastic bags.

SeaKisses Cushion

And it’s not just our packaging that’s making a difference. Every year we design a Christmas card and donate all the money we make to a good cause.

In 2021 we were proud to support Dive Project Cornwall, an incredible organisation dedicated to educating a new generation of young people about seaside safety and the harms of plastic pollution. 

Christmas Card for Good SeaKisses