Remember that holiday feeling? Toes planted in the sand, eyes on the horizon, a head free from the cares of the world? We think that every day is made better with a hint of those carefree feelings, so we make things to put gentle reminders of happy beach days into every day.

Our Happy Place prints stir memories of the places that are important to you, our coastal home range puts the understated colours of the coast into daily life.

We live and design on the coast so we are all too aware of the effects of plastic on the fragile marine environment. We love to combine the colours of the coast with natural materials and we minimise the use of plastic in everything we do.

Join us - spread seaside smiles and get coastal calm.

SeaKisses was started in 2011 by Jo Brown and Sue Hawken. Jo and Sue met when their kids were at school. They combined their knowledge of print, Jo from a career selling stationery products and Sue from a career publishing magazines, to produce some prints that celebrated the area they lived in. The initial 11 prints given to a local shop sold out immediately and SeaKisses was born.

Inspired by their life on the coast they gradually developed a range of things that they loved and wanted to put in their own homes. Everything was initially made and packed at the kitchen table and has gradually developed with demand.

Today they make prints for most coastal towns and villages in the UK and have added coastal home and beach wares to their range. With a small, talented and hardworking team they have built a business determined to produce good quality products that don't cost the earth - either financially or on their choice of materials.

SeaKisses has a lively and busy set of social media accounts. We love to see pictures of our products in your homes so please upload and let us know what you think about what we do.