About Us

We are here to make a difference. 
Two mums meet at the school gate. They discover they agree about a lot of things - not everything, but a lot of things. They agree they are fed up picking up bits of plastic on their beach walks. They agree the world needs to wise up and use alternatives. They discover a shared taste for faded colours, simple pleasures and long beach walks. They decide to make things that people want to use from materials that won’t pollute the world. Are they mad?
Well not entirely. They find out some clever materials that can be used instead of plastic and they persuade some quite large companies to make products to their designs. And then they find lovely shops to stock the small range.
And so the journey began.
Fast forward to today and we have learned a lot about the world and how it works, but we are still here. We have a website, a band of enthusiastic retailers and lots of very happy customers who share our view of the world. We have proved that people will happily use obvious things like bags and re-usable cups that are not made from plastic. And they can also be persuaded to use dog bowls and trays that are made from things like bamboo. One day everything will be made from these or other natural materials - and then we will have nothing to do! 
Until then, join us, get seaside happy and change the world!