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The Dog Bowl - for Beach Dogs STOCK DUE 25/11/18

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Take your dog to the beach, race across miles of open sand, get all salty and sandy and then….. make sure you give them plenty of water before the drive home. Designed for Beach Dog lovers the world over, this bowl is for people who love the beach and their salty dogs. 

Made from Bamboo Fibre, lightweight and brimming with seaside happiness. Bamboo Fibre is wonderfully sustainable. Alongside natural anti-bacterial properties, it is lightweight, sturdy, durable and dishwasher proof. Once you have had enough of it, soak it in hot water and break it up before burying it in your compost heap, where it will slowly compost back to nothing. That has to be better than the plastic alternative.

Treat yourself and your best friend today.

Actual bowl measurements: Inside top: 21.5 cms Bottom: 26 cms Height: 7.5 cms Dishwasher Proof. The bowl is rigid and durable but not unbreakable.

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