We are counting down the days to a summer break and the chance to use our Beach Sheets. But what makes us so sure that these are the ultimate holiday companion? 

Here are just 6 reasons why we love them so: (feel free to let us know any other reason why they are so great)

1. Super Fast Drying

You have a swim, you dry yourself and you have one wet towel. Because they are 100% cotton just hang your Beach Sheet and it dries super fast. 

2. Sand Drops Off Them

The flat weave means you don't end up with sand stuck in your towel. Just shake it off and it's gone for good.

3. It's a Beach Mat

Lie your Beach Sheet out on the sand and have plenty of room to sunbathe, picnic and relax.

4. It's a Wrap

Chilly shoulders? Your Beach Sheet takes the chill of colder evenings and can also be used as a cover from the baking hot sun.

5. It's Lightweight

Say goodbye to heavy beach towels, chuck this in a bag and still have plenty of room for all your other beach necessities.

6. It's Pretty!

In a pretty, beach blue, our Beach Sheets are designed to make you smile!


It's true that they have been around for centuries and been used in North Africa and Turkey as Hamman Towels. Now we understand why they are so great we can't recommend them highly enough.

June 14, 2019 — Addition Collaborator

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