Summer by the sea proves fireworks are not just for Halloween. All around the coast Feast Weeks and Regattas are celebrated with fireworks and watching colourful displays against the inky black of a seaside sky knocks spots off other locations.

Don’t miss a seaside display of fireworks. Grab a picnic, find a good spot, enjoy good food and drink as the light fades and wait for the display to begin.

Serious firework fans head to Plymouth for their Firework competitions. Over two nights in August (14/15th this year)  international firework companies compete to put on the most spectacular displays. The whole city turns out to watch from office blocks, yachts and any spare patch of grass overlooking Plymouth Hoe. The results are noisy, spectacular and amazing to watch.

This weekend we are heading to Mevagissey on the south coast of Cornwall to enjoy their annual Feast Week firework display. You will find us sitting on our Beach Sheets enjoying a picnic and the wonderful fireworks.

June 28, 2019 — Addition Collaborator

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