Come the end of October, most beaches in the UK are open to dogs and the fun can begin. Give us a low tide, wide-open stretches of sand and not too many waves and we are in Dog Heaven! In our part of the world, there are more dogs per head of population than anywhere else, and many of them can happily be described as Beach Dogs. 

We think that one of the weekends at the end of October should contain a National Beach Dog Day - a day that we all go beach dog crazy with a run, surf, swim celebration of why the beach is such a fabulous playground for people and their dogs.

There are so many great, dog-friendly beaches in Cornwall. Here are just three of our favourites:

  1. Watergate Bay: The Big Daddy of the North Coast, welcomes dogs throughout the year. At low tide there is literally miles and miles of sand to race across, caves to explore and rock pools to swim in. After the fun, there is a choice of places to eat which are all dog-friendly. Our favourite is the Watergate Bay Hotel which allows non residents into their Living Space for reasonably priced food in fabulous surroundings.

  2. Lantic Bay: This sensational beach on the south coast of Cornwall is a walk from Polruan, which is a ferry ride from Fowey. Dog friendly throughout the year, this wide expanse of white sand is beautiful and, because you have to walk here and navigate your way down to the often empty beach, will also feel like a mini adventure. Walk back to Polruan and enjoy a drink or meal in The Lugger.

  3. Gwithian: The arc of white sand that spins out from St Ives takes in the amazing open sands of Gwithian. A large part of the beach is dog-friendly throughout the year and, at low tide attracts dog walkers, kite flyers and people just taking in the magnificence of the place. On a sunny day, this will never disappoint; great views out to Godrevy Lighthouse, rock pools and miles of sand. After your walk, repair to the Sunset Surf for fabulous cappuccinos and great food.

At the end of your walk, be sure to treat your dog to a drink before the drive home. Our fabulous Beach Dog bowls are lightweight, big enough to satisfy a thirst and comes bursting with seaside happiness.

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