Creating a feeling of coastal calm in your favourite room can be good for the spirit, especially on an overcast autumn day. Channel happy vibes of sunny beach days to lift your mood. This picture from our Coastal Lifestyle Board on Pinterest illustrates the kind of look we are talking about. 

The key to this style is simplicity, so white walls and wooden floors work perfectly. Sisal flooring is a great choice or a neutral carpet with some rugs. Panelling a wall adds texture and more of a beach hut feel, but if that is beyond your skills don’t worry. 

Choose white linens as curtains or blinds and accessorise with washed out denim and shades of blue and turquoise as cushions and throws. Pick one shade of blue for the majority of accessories and pick out that shade in stripes, vases and even pictures to tie everything together. 

Driftwood or wicker as side tables adds texture and warmth to the feel. If you are good with wood, make a coffee table out of pallets. Painted with chalk paint this can look stunning.

Driftwood lamps can be picked up cheaply in the big home stores, replace a plain shade and create a real focal point in the room.

Look for seaside themed prints for the walls, oars and beach paraphernalia can also look amazing. SeaKisses SeaLife prints grouped together behind a sofa or over a table look really dramatic and add to the seaside feel.

The good news is that this is a simple, uncluttered look which doesn’t need overfilling. Head to our Pinterest Board: Coastal Living for a lot more inspiration.

October 17, 2019 — Digital Natives Collaborator

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