SeaKisses Swedish Dish Cloths

We met the lady who makes these happy Swedish Dishcloths at a Trade Show several years ago. We loved her simple, coastal designs and were really impressed with the cloths, but we were too busy building our own range to work out how to incorporate them.

This year we decided to try a few at our Christmas shows and it seemed cruel to not add them to our website so that everyone can try them. We love the simple Scandinavian designs and these cute cloths work well too. Ultra absorbent, machine washable, long-lasting and eco-friendly. Made in the UK from natural, renewable cellulose and cotton, they are 100% biodegradable so, after their long and useful lives, they can go straight onto the compost heap.

Use them for washing up, general cleaning and mopping up spills.

 17cms x 20cms

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