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I need Vitamin Sea - Plastic Free Reusable Coffee Cup - Slight Second

NEW - with SCREW TOP - Slight marks

We all want to stop the tide of plastic that is engulfing our oceans and this is an easy, low cost fix everyone can make. Replace your daily disposable with one of these beauties and we will begin to slowly reduce the tide of plastic polluting our oceans.

The fabulous thing about this cup is that it's made from bamboo fibre. It looks and feels like plastic, but because it is made from a natural fibre it will eventually compost back to nothing. Even the sleeves are made from silicon, which is derived from rubber.

Lightweight and durable: it is dishwasher proof and made for daily life. We are proud to have been one of the first companies in the UK to have used this material and we have sold thousands of cups. Check out the reviews to see how much they are loved.

Alongside all the good things about the material, our cups come brimming with seaside happiness and leave the world in no doubt where your heart lies.

Weight: 175g Volume: 400ml Made from bio-degradable Bamboo Fibre

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