Reusable Thermo Cup - Life is Better in Flip Flops



Take this cup everywhere; it's perfect for beach trips, indispensable at festivals, great for weekend breaks and perfect for camping trips. Fill it with coffee, hot chocolate, chai, or tip in some ice and take a cocktail to the beach. It comes ready filled with happiness and will always make you smile.

The metallic inside of this cup is wrapped in bamboo fibre making it smooth to the touch and a delight to hold. The metal insides mean your coffee stays warm, but not piping hot and means that you can carry a cup of hot coffee with ease.  Tightly screw the lid to prevent spills and the click tab means you can afford to not have the cup upright at all times. 

We are big fans of bamboo fibre products. We are proud to have been one of the first companies in the UK to have used this biodegradable material and we continue to develop new products with it.

We all want to stop the tide of plastic that is engulfing our oceans and this is an easy, every day fix everyone can make. Replace your daily disposable with one of these clever cups and we will begin to reduce the tide of plastic polluting our oceans.

Weight: 175g Volume: 400ml Made with Bamboo Fibre 

BPA, PVC and Phthalates free.

Food safe approved in accordance with EU, LFGB

Wash carefully in warm water.