Beach Lovers Soap on a Rope


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We are all about reducing plastic, so soap is a great idea. We are not fans of sloppy, soap dishes, so revamping the idea of soap that you can hang up seems like genius. 
We have scoured the planet for the perfect soap on a rope and we are convinced that this one has ticked all the boxes. Made in Austria using sheep's milk it has a high protein and fat content along with a high density of vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory agents. The result is a long lasting, creamy soap that it has a nurturing and soothing effect, making it moisturising and especially suitable for sensitive and irritable skin. It also smells absolutely delicious. We are raving about it and we think that you will too!
Your soap comes packaged in a cotton bag that may come in handy when you travel.

No parabens, no artificial colours, no SLS, no synthetic fragrances were used in the making of this soap and it has only been tested on humans. Contains sustainably sourced palm oil.

Made with 100% natural ingredients and only tested on humans. 200g